National police plans to increase staff in the near future

At the end of January, the additional recruitment to the National Police departments will be announced.

According to the police press office, it was reported by the Deputy Head of the National Police Konstantin Bushuyev.

The selection process of investigators, operational officers and district police officers is scheduled to begin in late January.

“Additionally, the recruitment contest in the patrol force will be opened”, it is said in the statement.

Participation in the contests is open to all citizens of Ukraine, who meet certain requirements.

Moreover, Bushuyev said that recently several directions of police reform have been actively developing.

“In particular, it concerns the implementation of “community policing” principle and the building up a new approach to the public order protection. Their main principle is to involve to work in the streets as many police officers as possible and bring them into the streets of small towns and villages”, he noted.

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