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How often we need to rest to improve our health

To maintain your health you need at least 3 weeks of vacation per year. Even 4 days without work have a positive effect on the body by reducing stress levels. However, too long vacation is harmful.

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One of the key priorities of the UBA is the reform of legal education

The first meeting of the new UBA Management Board was held under the leadership of Denis Bugai, President of UBA. Together, the leadership of the Association divided the responsibilities among themselves in areas of activity and determined the election campaign procedure at the UBA offices, which starts on June 7.

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Uncertainty in favor

The disagreement of one of the parties on the decision of the court cannot testify to the making of a knowingly unjust decision. This was stated by the Supreme Court, upholding the acquittal of the Odessa lawyer.

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Extra filter

When a lawyer is accused of violating ethical rules, local authorities are obliged, according to a certain procedure, to verify such information, examine the factual circumstances and, if there are grounds, bring the lawyer to justice. But such a procedure is overly complex. Why, let’s try to figure it out.

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By hook or by crook

The previous initiative regarding the appearance of authorized persons of the judicial authorities caused a stormy rejection of the legal community (for an analysis of the Bill of the Law № 9140, see № 51 «ZiB»). Therefore, after 2 months there was another. It also provides an alternative to notaries and certain benefits for both low-income segments of the population and oligarchs.

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Dismissal without suspect

During the consideration by the High Council of Justice of the applications for removal, the issue of the legitimacy of a suspicion report was repeatedly raised. Some members of the Council believe that he should check the legality of the Judge’s acquisition of the status of a suspect, the majority hold the opposite opinion. The situation is similar in the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court.

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You can’t throw rights out of the song

The harsh prison rules did not allow the prisoner to transfer the MP3 player. Because, only relatives have this right. «It’s okay», said government officials. «Where is respect for personal life?» asked in Strasbourg.

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Looking for ways to optimize

All truth-seekers at the European Court of Human Rights will soon face procedural changes. Already from 2019, the consideration of the complaint by the House of Judges must be preceded by an attempt of a peaceful settlement by the parties to the dispute. Who will benefit from this?

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To be respected and not abused

Prosecutors, lawyers, other participants in the process called for facilitating the administration of justice. Also, the authorities of professional self-government intend to form such a system of relations when the parties respect each other and not commit procedural sabotage.

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Freedom of Earnings

The law imposed on public figures the obligation to declare their income in order to control possible corruption schemes. The chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada considers this provision constitutional, while 65 deputies, along with the ombudsman, hold a different opinion. The Constitutional Court listened to their position and opened the proceedings.

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Passion of Svatove

The Head of the Court decided to fight in the cause of justice. And to do it in the best traditions of social activists, attract the press, make sensational statements, to blame officials. Only for public figures it is easier, they do not have The Disciplinary Chamber, which can to put out of jobs.