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Experts advised judges on how to communicate with journalists

So that the work of the judge speaker would not be reduced to the refutation of the negative information provided by the press or television about the decision of the SACERDOTE DI TEMI (judge), the speakers advised audience to take the initiative and get ahead of the negative.

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The court explained how to appeal a default judgment

Institute of contumacious judgment is introduced in the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine and is actively used in modern legal proceedings. The Apostolov district court of the Dnipropetrovsk region explained what default judgment is and how to appeal it.

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Lawyers advocate “depaperization” when hiring

In order for workers to finally emerge from the “shadow”, a little is needed: to change their legal awareness and legal awareness of employers. The Labor Code and … the labor inspector can help with this.

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Every day, judges of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court receive more than 50 applications from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office

” Law and Business” reports: The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has not worked for a
month, and the judges are already complaining about a heavy workload. The judge-speaker
of The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court – Vera Mikhailenko told about how the work is carried
out in the institution during a discussion of the results of the anti-corruption reform.

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If the “whistle-blower” has been dismissed from office, management should prove the validity of such a decision

“Law and Business”reports: A person who has received the status of a whistleblower cannot be dismissed, and must not be subjected to other harassment in the workplace. If the dismissal occurred, it should not have a causal connection with the statement of the accuser. It is the responsibility of management to prove the absence of such a connection. This was stated by the Supreme Court (judgment of 08/15/2019).