ODAC has accumulated cases for 3 years in advance

The Office of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv registers at least 110 cases and files from individuals and legal entities on a daily basis.

Says Law & Business.

In total, for the 9 months of this year, almost 21,000 such documents were received by the ODAC. In total, in January – September 2019, 38.8 thousand cases and materials were in the proceedings of the judges of the institution. These include lawsuits, statements of evidence, statements related to the court case review, and other.

During the period under consideration of one judge, on average there were more than 1000 papers at one time, which negatively affected the terms of their consideration. Significant accumulation of case balances was due to the unjustifiably lengthy 2016-2018 process of appointing judges after the 5-year term expires. Currently, 37 of the 49 mantle holders have authority to administer justice.

At the same time for 9 months of 2019, the judges ruled in over 10 thousand cases. During this period, 6.5 thousand cases (63% of the cases examined) satisfied the claims of the plaintiffs.

Thus, each lawyer has an average of 270 decisions made or one each day, taking into account weekends and holidays. That is, the existing proceedings at the institution will be considered sometime by 2022.

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