Officials will be allowed to work as lawyers, and UNBA will be deprived of a monopoly on the registry

A lawyer should not be limited in the types of activities and positions that he may hold. The main thing is that the principle of professional independence will not suffer.

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This idea was implemented in the draft law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine“ On Advocacy and Legal Practice ”(No. 2303), which was registered by two out-of-parliamentary deputies. Which means, you can work as an official or prosecutor, and at lunchtime as a lawyer, calling it creative or scientific activity. After all, the presence of a conflict of position and professional independence as a single limitation is a philosophical rather than legal issue.

Among other proposed innovations is the ability to independently choose a system of accounting, reporting and taxation of the results of professional activities. The authors, however, did not specify that the choice is limited to the systems provided for by the Tax Code of Ukraine, and not Panama or some other offshore.

Along with the supposedly logical clarifications of the terms in the relevant law, it is proposed to remove from Article 17 the memory of UNBA as the administrator of the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine. That is, the UNBA and regional councils only provide excerpts from this registry, and it is not known who can fill it in and out.

It is also proposed to clarify (and this idea is not the first time) that a lawyer can be brought to disciplinary responsibility solely for misconduct committed in the exercise of professional activities. In addition, the very fact of appealing against such a decision of the disciplinary body to stop its effect.

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