On the social network the plaintiff urged the judge to make the right decision

The plaintiff urged the judge to make the right decision in the social network, she decided that it was pressure.

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The lawyer received an announcement on the social network an hour before the meeting. A person non-contacted before decided to influence the lawsuit by writing a message.

Victoria Papoyan of the Donetsk Court of Appeal considered the person’s claim against the machine-building plant for unlawful dismissal, compensation for material and non-pecuniary damage. Third parties in the process were the Territorial State Inspectorate for Labor and Labor Administration and Social Protection of the Bakhmut City Council.

The defendant’s representative filed a motion for evidence. Because of this, the judge announced a break and set the time for the next hearing. An hour before it, V. Papoyan received a message on the social network: “Today I am going to quit the factory (more precisely being fired), this is election related. Please make the right decision. ”

According to the legal practitioner, such communications are an interference with the activity, so she appealed to the High Council of Justice (No. 3939/0/6-19). The woman asks to take legal measures to protect her from pressure.

Although the names are hidden in the complaint, however, it is obviously a matter of the recent dismissal of the CEO of the machine-building plant, which had earlier been searched by the SSU in a cabinet to finance DNR fighters. An explosion was found during the search.

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