OSCE Mission has begun looking into a religious conflict in Rivne Region

A special OSCE Mission has arrived to Rivne Region due to a religious conflict in Ptichya Village, Dubny District.

According to the report made by Vitaliy State, the Representative of the Mission, at the meeting with Rivne Region authorities, the goal of the Special Monitoring Commission members is to look into the interfaith conflict and defuse the social tensions.

Certain tensions still remain between the followers of different religious confessions in several communities of Rivne, Volyn, and Lviv Regions. Therefore, we would like to obtain full and reliable on that account, as well as analyze whether the human right to worship is adhered to in the regions”, Vitaliy State, the Representative of the Mission, has noted.

At the meeting with the OSCE Mission Yuriy Privarskiy, the First Deputy Head of the Rivne Region Administration, has underscored that the congregations of the Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchies are extremely uncompromising in their views and refuse to abide by the court’s decisions unfavorable to them.

The OSCE Mission will be looking into the conflict over the church in Ptichya Village, Dubny District, where two religious communities have been unable to find a way to share the church.


Source: UNN

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