People suspected of “terrorism” were tortured in the Zaporizhya detention facility – the UN

In 2014, three men were brutally tortured at the Zaporishya Regional Security Service Office.

It is laid down in the Thirteenth report on the state of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine, which has encompassed the period from November 16, 2015, to 15 February, 2016.

It says that on January 26, 2016, three men were convicted of “terrorism” based on the confessions, which they had been forced to sign after being subjected to brutal torture at the Zaporishya Regional Security Service Office in 2014.

The Security Service of Ukraine has informed the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN that the officers had used “appropriate” and “justified” force during the apprehension of the subjects. However, they ignored the reports of torture.

The UN made sure to reiterate that any statement made under torture cannot be used as an evidence of guilt.

The report claims that the Security Service investigators told the man, who is currently on trial in Zaporizhya, that his wife and children would be in danger, if he complained of torture and cruel treatment. The prisoner agreed to these terms.
The Human Rights Office calls upon the Ukrainian authorities to take measures in order to protect the plaintiffs and their relatives from persecution for their complaints of torture and cruel treatment.


Source: Human Rights Information Center

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