Petition on Stopping Propaganda of homosexuality Was Withdrawn from President

An electronic petition demanding to stop propaganda of homosexuality was withdrawn from the President’s website upon request of the representative of the Commissioner for the Observance of the Children`s Rights, Non-Discrimination and Gender Equality.

As it was announced by the press office of the Ombudsman, the publication of petitions which infringe upon human rights and freedoms is a violation of the laws, “Law and Business” reports.

The petition The request on taking actions to stop propaganda of homosexuality and to protect traditional family values” was published on the official website of the President. It was withdrawn as encroaching on the rights and liberties of LGBT people, and containing signs of incitement to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

As explained by the Ombudsman, the wording of the petition calls upon the President to take measures aimed at stopping the “propaganda of homosexuality”, in particular, to veto bills that contradict the position of the churches on homosexuality and can facilitate the legalization of same-sex partnerships (marriages) or adoption of children by transgender people; to submit to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a bill on forbidding the propaganda of homosexuality; to draft and issue a decree of the President of Ukraine on state support and protection of traditional family values, and overcoming the consequences of propaganda of homosexuality in Ukraine.

Among the arguments for the enhance the position by the author of the petition were noted, in particular: “Unconventional sexual orientation of parents has a terrible influence on the further life of children”, “Adoption of children by homosexuals is the implementation of violence against these children”, “Women with diverse sexual orientation 3.5 times more likely to have drug addiction than people with normal sexual orientation” etc.

For further details of the position of the Ombudsman please follow the link.

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