Principal Anti-Corruption Agencies of Ukraine. The Infographics.

The corruption issue has become a principal one not only within the framework of development of Ukraine’s economy, but quite possibly within the context of our country’s political future, as well.

The topic of combatting bribes and rollbacks might be the most painful one in the Ukrainian society, therefore there are extremely high expectations when it comes to the agencies set up for this purpose.

The European Union once again has reminded Ukraine of this as well, along with warning it of a possibility of not being granted a visa-free regime. The price of the matter is the establishment of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. It is a general knowledge that 3 out of 5 of its members were barely appointed, yet this is where the process halted.

Meanwhile, a formation of five principal anti-corruption institutions is currently being established in our country. They will have the authority to not only catch bribetakers red-handed, but to penalize them as well. But, as of today, this is just an idea. For now, most of them are only being formed.

«Word and Deed» decided to demonstrate how far has this process come so far.

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