Prosecutor General’s Office will examine the involvement of “Right sector” to the killings of law enforcement officers at Euromaidan

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has received a temporary access to the documents of one of the mobile operators on telephone calls of “Right sector” members made in the period from 18 to 20 February 2014.

It is indicated in the decision of Kiev Pechersk district court, promulgated in the Unified State Register of court decisions.

It was noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office was investigating the murder of 13 staff members of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the soldiers of the special division “Berkut” in the period of February18-20, 2014.

“The persons from among the members of “Right Sector” organization, who during the protests and after their completion, have occupied the 6th floor of the hotel “Dnepr” and were evicted in January 2015, are currently checked on the subject of involvement in the commission of these crimes”, says in one of the decisions.

During the search of the hotel, the law enforcement officers have found sheets of paper with the names of the “Right Sector”, as well as mobile phone numbers.

In addition, law enforcement officers are checking the involvement of the members of the party “Brotherhood” to the killings of security officials.

It should be reminded that the end of February 2014 is considered to be one of the bloodiest periods of the Revolution of Dignity. Special Investigations Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has registered the death of 13 law enforcement officers during Euromaidan events.

Formerly, the judge of Kiev Pechersk district court Natalya Vasilyeva has admitted of Head of Public Safety Department at National Guard Bureau Vladimir Grinyak to bail of the MPs Andrei Levus and Mikhail Bondar. He is accused of counteraction of peaceful gatherings, abuse of power and granting undue remuneration to “Berkut” soldiers during Euromaidan events.

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