Public council to check Russian books?

The Public Expert Council, specifically established at the State Television and Radio Committee, will conduct the verifications of titles in accordance with import nomenclature at the request of every official importer of Russian books.

Such mechanism is provided in the bill on restriction of access of Russian books with anti-Ukrainian content to Ukrainian market, developed by the interdepartmental working group. According to the Cabinet of Ministers, the bill is currently being discussed and worked upon in the central executive agencies. Afterwards, the Government will present the document for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration.

In accordance with the bill, if the Public Expert Council discovers anti-Ukrainian, anti-state, or content hostile towards Ukraine, this product will not obtain a permission to be distributed in the territory of Ukraine. All other products will be distributed and obtain necessary permit.

The bill also provides the restriction for published products originating from the aggressor state. Particularly, there is a norm on banning the distribution of printed products containing calls to destroy Ukraine’s territorial integrity, war propaganda, popularization of law enforcement of the aggressor state and their specific actions, which create a favorable image of the aggressor state’s military, justify or accept as lawful the occupation of the territory of Ukraine.


Source: Law and Business

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