Refugees from Ukraine face deportation from Germany

Germany accepts only one application for an asylum from a Ukrainian out of twenty. At the same time, the rejections come with a request to leave the country.

Thus, as “Deutsche Welle” reports with a reference to “Frankfurter Rundschau”, thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Germany face a threat of deportation from the country.

According to the publication, due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine over seven thousand Ukrainian citizens have applied for a political asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the latest weeks, most of them have received a notification of rejection of an asylum. In 2014 Ukrainians forwarded 703 applications for an asylum, in 2015 the number have grown to around 4400.

However, only 5,3% of applications for an asylum are satisfied.

Each rejection comes with a request to leave the country”, the publication quotes a representative of the Federal Agency on migration and refugees.

The publication also notes that almost 477 thousand applications for an asylum were submitted in Germany last year.

The politicians of the ruling Conservative Party “Christian Social Union” have already voiced a demand for Ukraine to be declared a “safe country of origin”.

According to the Constitution of Germany, the “safe countries of origin” include all countries of the European Union, as well as other countries, where based on their legislation, law enforcement practices, and overall political climate, the possibility of persecution, violation of human rights, and cruel treatment could be safely eliminated.

The asylum is granted specifically on the basis of persecution. Last year the Western Balkans countries have also been added to the list of “safe countries”.


Source: European Truth

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