Register of reports on the interference in judges’ activities was published

On the High Council of Justice website, a new section has appeared, which reflects the reports of judges on the interference in their activities in the administration of justice. The Register has already recorded 66 complaints.

According to the « Law and Business, the authority to consider such requests came to the HCJ from the effective date of the Law “On the High Council of Justice.”

The Register is available on the following link . 66 appeals of judges have already been recorded, in particular, regarding the interference in the administration of justice by unknown persons, law enforcement agencies and authorities.
We would like to remind you that the HCJ has the right to make representations on the identification and prosecution of persons who have committed acts or omissions that violate the guarantees of judicial independence or undermine the authority of justice.

Such representation is mandatory for consideration by the relevant body or official within ten days of its receipt and the decision taken on the results of consideration, as well as the measures taken by the relevant authority or official shall be immediately (but no more than three days ) reported to the HCJ.

“This is a new and, in my opinion, the most important area of HCJ activity. A significant number of judges’ complaints regarding the interference in their activities on the administration of justice, facts of pressure, threats, breaches of order in the consideration of cases force us to intensify work in this direction, and we will inform both judges and representatives of other branches of Government and public about the independence of the court, the measures taken and the results achieved”, A. Lesko noted.

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