Romanyuk has harshly criticized the President and the VR for the Anti-Corruption Court

The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romanyuk has called the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court, created on the initiative of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and supported by the Verkhovna Rada, as “an extra link”.

“The judicial system should be as transparent and transparent as possible … In our opinion, this is an extra link (the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court – Ed.)”, he said. “It seems to me that this is a wrong way for considering a special category of cases – to create special courts. Therefore, you can go far. Then let us create special courts to consider specific cases. This is wrong … There is simply no need for this. The judicial system is capable enough to consider all categories of cases that exist”.

We remind that on May 30, 2016 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko introduced for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft of the new Law “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges”, which was adopted as Law No.1402-VIII as of June 2. Article 31 of the Law provides that the highest specialized courts are the High Court of Intellectual Property and the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court.

Previously, experts expressed their doubts regarding the need to create the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court . In particular, it was noted that the creation of a new branch of the judiciary with exclusive powers may not eliminate the corruption problems in the country, but rather create new actors of such corruption.

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