Ternopil Regional Council demands that Pochayiv Lavra be taken away from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Ternopil Regional Council has made an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a request to restore Pochayiv Lavra’s status as a state reserve. All 54 Members supported the aforementioned decision during the regional council’s meeting.

The Members of Ternopil Regional Council demand that the resolution “On excluding the building of Holy Assumption Pochayiv Lavra from the Kremenets Pochayiv State Historical-Architectural Reserve” adopted in 2003 be repealed and the building of Lavra be transferred into state ownership in order to provide the representatives of other churches with a further opportunity to hold services there.

We would like to restore state ownership over this holy place, and then provide other churches, including Greek Catholic, with an opportunity to hold services and prayers here, through an open competition for the right to use certain cultural constructions ”, said Andrii Tsybulskiy, Member of Ternopil Regional Council from the UKROP Party.

Let us remind that Holy Assumption Pochayiv Lavra is the biggest orthodox holy place in Ukraine, second only to Holy Assumption Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. From 1997, Lavra has had a stavropegic status, meaning that it canonically falls under direct jurisdiction of the Primate of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In 2003, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine granted the Ukrainian Orthodox Church the right to use it freely, however Lavra has remained in the state ownership.


Source: Union of Orthodox Journalists

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