The bill on safeguarding the rights of Crimeans has been drafted

The Justice Ministry has presented a bill “On amending several laws of Ukraine concerning elimination of discriminatory provisions and regulation of blanks in the legal relationship with the state of the citizens residing in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine or having left it”, drafted by the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on Human Rights (UHUHR)

The document is aimed at overcoming the discrimination of Crimeans, as well as citizens, who left the occupied territory. The bill regulates the rights of such citizens, the order of entry into and exit from the occupied territory, the documentation of citizens in the occupied territory, and many other questions.

Daria Sviridova, the representative of the UHUHR, noted that Crimeans required special attention: “Currently they are not on equal ground with other citizens. There is quite a great deal of rights of documentation, freedom of movement, protection of property or inheritance rights that Crimeans either cannot realize, or it takes too much time”. Accoring to her, the bill includes all proposals and developments, which have arised in two years of occupation.

After further rework, the bill has every chance of not only being registered, but actually adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, Refat Chubarov, Member of Parliament and the President of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar People, said.

However, he emphasized that even the adoption of most crafted bills would not solve all problems of the peninsula’s residents: “ The main issue that calls for a solution is the matter of Crimea’s de-occupation. Under current conditions, life there will constantly call for new solutions, which we will hardly be able to keep up with. Therefore, the only way to radically solve all issues is to get Crimea back to Ukraine”.


Source: JurLiga

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