The Cabinet proposes to restrict the right to strike

The Cabinet proposes that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine banned strikes whenever the termination of working process poses a threat to national security.

The cabinet draft bill #4133 “On amending a number of laws of Ukraine concerning the safeguarding of implementation of a constitutional human right to strike” from February 23, 2016 containe the appropriate proposal.

Namely, the bill provides that the strike at the transport enterprises shall be applicable in accordance with the legislation on means of resolving collective labour disputes (conflicts).

The main goal of the bill is to bring the legislative acts in conformity with the requirements of the Convention and Practice of the European Court, in order to implement a decision of the European Court on case “Veniamin Tymoshenko and others versus Ukraine”.

According to the authors of legislative initiative, the adoption of this act will lead to preventing further violations of human right to assembly, in order to avoid excessive state budget expenses on paying fair compensation in the event the European Court rules in favour of the plaintiff in similar cases, as well as eliminating the grounds for filing similar cases against Ukraine at the European Court, and providing proper reporting before the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.


Source: Law and Business

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