The Cabinet wants to block sites again

The Government wants to allow site blocking without court order – only based on the statement of copyright infringement filed by the right holder. The latter would also be provided with the personal data of the violator. Media lawyers have slammed such initiatives before.

The Cabinet has registered the bill “On amending several legislative acts of Ukraine concerning protection of copyright and related rights on the Internet” (#4629 ) in the Parliament. It determines accountability of the site owners and hosters for providing pirated content.

In accordance with the Government’s proposals, if the right holder discovers pirated content, they forward a complaint to the site owner and the latter must block access to the content or delete it within 24 hours. Should the request not be satisfied, the right holder refers to the hoster and the latter must delete or prevent access to the information within 24 hours. In order to identify the possible recipient of a complaint, the site owners must provide their full names, the name of the hoster, address of the residence or place of stay, email and phone numbers.

Furthermore, the right holder could require the site owner to provide the personal data of the user that posted the pirated content. The bill also determines penalties for failure to delete information that violates copyright. Let us note that this bill is basically a “reincarnation” of the document #3353 recalled in the middle of April, which was widely slammed by media lawyers.


Source: Law and Business

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