The Congress of Judges appointed Victor Gorodovenko as the judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

According to the voting of the delegates of the 4th Extraordinary Congress of Judges, Victor Gorodovenko became the judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

The delegates gave 186 votes for V. Gorodovenko, the Chairman of the Appeal Court of Zaporizhzhya Region.

45 votes were given for the judge of the Dnipropetrovsk Administrative Court of Appeal, Sergey Chumak, 38 – for the judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Vasyliy Humenyuk, 6 – for the judge of he Supreme Specialized Court of Ukraine for the review of civil and criminal cases, Valentin Kryzhanovskiy, 3 – for the judge of the Court of Appeal of Lviv region, Roman Savulyak and 2 votes – for the judge of Kyiv District Administrative Court, Andrey Leontovich.

Let’s recall that in order to become a judge of the CCU, the candidate was to receive more than 161 votes.

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