The Constitutional Court considers the Referendum Act

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine commenced the consideration of the case on the All-Ukrainian Referendum Act in the form of open hearing.

The Judge-Rapporteur on the case is Mikhail Gultai. Oksana Syroid, the Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Rostislav Mikheenko, the Head of the President’ Office Sector at the Constitutional Court, and Yulia Kyrychenko , the expert of the Political Legal Reform Center, are also present in the Court.

57 MPs addressed the Court with a motion to review the matter of conformity with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality) of certain provisions of the All-Ukrainian Referendum Act from November 6, 2012 (#5475-VI), and of the Act as a whole.

According to MPs, during the adoption of this Act, the Verkhovna Rada has abused its authority, because it used a regular act to install a new order of amending the Constitution, which is different from the one determined in the Constitution itself, as well as a procedure for adopting a new Constitution, which is not provided in the currently effective Constitution.

The plaintiffs believe that in adopting this law, the Verkhovna Rada has violated the procedure of deliberation and adoption of laws determined in the Constitution.


Source: UkrInform

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