The Constitutional Court has proceeded with considering the Lustration Act behind closed doors

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine has concluded the open hearing and proceeded with the closed part of consideration of the case on the constitutionality of the Lustration Act.

The closed part of plenary session will contemplate the draft decision on the case, prepared by the Judges-Rapporteurs based on the case files examined by the Constitutional Court during the deliberation process.

The length and quantity of speeches that the judges of the Constitutional Court are entitled to during the closed part of plenary session is without restriction. The proposals and amendments of the judges to the draft decision on the case shall be included in writing; each of them shall be voted on separately.

The deliberation and adjustment of proposals and amendments to the draft decision will be conducted during the closed part of the next plenary sessions of the Constitutional Court.

Let us remind that the Lustration Act had entered into force in October 2014. The Constitutional Court subsequently received two submissions from the Supreme Court and one submission from 47 Members of Parliament on the constitutionality of several provisions of the Lustration Act. Afterwards, the Court has combined three lawsuits into a single proceeding.

On April 16, 2015, open hearings of the Constitutional Court were held on the aforementioned proceeding. They were postponed indefinitely the same day due to the amendments to the law, which minded the criticism of the Venice Commission and the subjects of the submissions to the Constitutional Court, having been provided for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration.
The next session of the Constitutional Court deliberating the constitutionality of the Lustration Act was held on October 23, 2015. Then Egor Sobolev, Member of Parliament and the author of the lustration bill, along with the Cabinet representative, the Head of the Justice Ministry Department, Tatyana Kozachenko filed a motion on removing the President of the Constitutional Court Yuriy Baulin and six judges from considering the matter of constitutionality of specific provisions of the Lustration Act. Baulin postponed the consideration of the case indefinitely.

The Court resumed the hearings only on March 22.


Source: UkrInform

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