The draft law on cooperation with the International Criminal Court is already in the Parliament

The Verkhovna Rada has registered a draft law on cooperation with the International Criminal Court, developed by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

It was informed by the Deputy Minister Sergey Petukhov on his Facebook.

“We propose to amend the criminal procedural legislation to regulate cooperation with the ICC now, because after the declarations made by Ukraine on recognizing the ICC jurisdiction, the Office of the Prosecutor can initiate an investigation and demand the provision of evidence or the possibility of carrying out procedural actions,” Petukhov wrote.

According to the information on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the draft law was registered on October 5 under No. 7179. On October 9, the document was submitted to the Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement.

As stated in the explanatory note, the purpose of the draft law is “to regulate the cooperation of public authorities with the ICC, the Prosecutor, the Judge, the Registrar or the ICC Chambers on the basis of requests from the ICC for cooperation, in particular, for assistance as well as arrest and transfer of persons”.

For this purpose, the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine is proposed to be supplemented with a new chapter, which will define the legal framework for cooperation with the ICC on the basis of Part 9 of the “International Cooperation and Judicial Assistance” of the Rome Statute, in particular: the scope and order of such cooperation, the central bodies of Ukraine responsible for cooperation with the ICC, the procedure for providing legal assistance at the ICC request, resolving the issues of arrest, transfer and temporary transfer of persons to the ICC, and consulting on issues arising in the framework of cooperation.

It is expected that with the adoption of the draft law, the legal basis for cooperation between the state bodies of Ukraine and the ICC will be created even before the Rome Statute ratification, issues relating to ensuring the rights of persons who are transferred to the ICC will be regulated, and an appropriate mechanism for cooperation with this international jurisdictional institution will be implemented for further interaction after the Rome Statute ratification by Ukraine.

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