The EU criticizes Poroshenko for intending to issue non-biometric passports to residents of the occupied territories

The European Union considers the idea of issuing old type passports to residents of the occupied territories, expressed by the President Petro Poroshenko, as counterproductive.

This was stated by the EU Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli at the opening of the caricatures’ exhibition “Ukraine’s Path towards visa-free regime with the EU”, , reports “European truth”.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Ambassador noted that visa-free regime should be available for all categories of citizens without exceptions: “I emphasize that the visa-free regime should work for all Ukrainians who will receive biometric passports”.

Subsequently, in his comments to “European Truth”, Mingarelli explained that he had intention to send a signal to representatives of the Ukrainian authorities.

I pointed out that we were talking about all Ukrainians, because there were suggestions from some Ukrainian officials that the inhabitants of the Crimea and ORDLO would not receive passports required for visa-free regime. This is contrary to the EU approach. I would like to emphasize that the right to visa-free travel to the EU should be received by all citizens of Ukraine, regardless of where they live “, said the EU Ambassador.

In response to the clarifying question from “European Truth” correspondent, the diplomat said that he had already informed Ukrainian officials about this position of the European Union, but did not specify what the reaction of the official Kiev was.

As is known, earlier President Petro Poroshenko has suggested issuing old type passports to the inhabitants of the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea, so as not to grant them the right to visa-free travel to the EU.

This proposal provoked harsh criticism from experts.

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