The EU will issue new IDs

The European Union strengthens the protection of identity cards to avoid the fraud.

On June 6th, the EU Council on Internal Affairs adopted the rules that will provide enhanced protection for the identity cards of citizens of the European Union, as well as residence documents issued to EU citizens and their family members who originate from outside the European Union, reports “ZandB” with reference to “European truth”.

According to the new rules, identity cards should be made in a common credit card format (ID-1), have an automatic reading zone and comply with the minimum safety standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

They will also have a photo and two fingerprints of the cardholder in digital format on a contactless chip. The ID will show the code of the member country that issued the document.

Identity cards will have a minimum duration – five years and a maximum – ten years.

New rules do not require Member Countries to enact IDs if national law does not provide them.
New ID’s will be giving in two years. Old ones will be replaced gradually. Finally, they will cease to act in 10 years.

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