The Europarliament has advised against abolishing the MP immunity

The Mission of the European Parliament has recommended the Verkhovna Rada not to lift the MP immunity.

It is laid down in the report on domestic reform and the advance of institutional integrity of Ukrainian Parliament.

The document specifies that the immunity practice for Members of Parliament is widespread in many countries. Taking this into consideration, MPs should be protected from politically charged prosecution.

In practice, the MP immunity is not absolute. In many countries Members of Parliament only have the right to protection with regard to the speeches made within the Parliament walls, yet they have no such right in the case when a criminal offense is committed. Most Parliaments, like the Verkhovna Rada, have the right to strip their members of immunity”, the text says.

According to the Mission, a complete abolishment of the MP immunity system would contradict the norms of effective international parliamentary practice, as well as the recommendations of the Venice Commission.


Source: The Observer

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