The Former Deputy Minister of Justice issued a complaint to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine with regard to the “falsification” of the case. There has been no reply.

The Former Deputy Minister of Justice Yuriy Ivashchenko addressed the Anti-Corruption Bureau with a request to investigate the “falsification” of the case against him by the officials of the Attorney General’s Office of Ukraine.

Y. Ivashchenko made a complaint about the Deputy Attorney General Roman Govda and other officials of the Attorney General’s Office.

The other day we have forwarded such statement to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

According to Mr. Ivashchenko, there has been no reply from the Anti-Corruption Bureau as of now. Also he is drafting the documents in order to address the European Court of Human Rights.

It is a general knowledge that Y. Ivashchenko was a subject of inquiry, along with his former supervisor Elena Lukash, and was taken into custody in December 2015. But after Boris Kolesnikov had paid his bail in the amount of 2,5 million Hryvna, he was released.


Source: Legal Practice

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