The Cabinet plans on legalizing the same-sex civil unions

The Action Plan on realizing the National Human Rights Strategy for the period until 2020, approved by the decree #1393-p of the Cabinet of Ministers from November 23, 2015, contains a plan to draft a bill on legalizing the registered civil unions – both for opposite and same-sex couples before the second quarter of 2017.

The bill shall take into consideration the property and nonproperty rights, for instance, the right of ownership and inheritance of property, the right to provide allowance for one’s partner in case of disability, as well as the constitutional right not to testify against one’s partner.

Moreover, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the legislators plan to revoke the ban on child adoption by the transgender people, the HIV-positive people, the people with disability. In order to do this, the List of Illnesses, which prohibit the person from adopting a child, needs to be amended.

The adoption of the aforementioned amendments is provided within the framework of realizing paragraph 105 “Ensuring the complexity and coherence of the legislation in the area of preventing and combatting discrimination; introducing the appropriate and timely positive action on the national and local levels in the sphere of preventing and combatting discrimination; ensuring the efficient and timely reaction of the state to new challenges”.


Source: JurLiga

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