The Government wants to allow the land sale

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes to allow access to the land market in two stages: firstly, to begin the trade of state agricultural lands in 2017, and afterwards, to allow the citizens to sell the private agricultural lands in 2019.

It is laid down in the 2016 Action Plan of the Government, published on the Cabinet’s website.

The necessary legislation is expected to be drafted by the end of March in the form of the bill and subsequently forwarded to the Parliament.

This step will be instrumental in shaping the full-fledged land market, which, in turn, will grant the owners full control of their property and contribute to the business growth and attraction of investments”, the Action Plan of the Government says.

It should be noted that a number of experts believe that the extension of moratorium facilitates the operation of the black land market. However, other analysts expect that lifting the moratorium will result in the farmers being deprived of their land and a mass land purchase by the foreign companies.

As reported previously, at the end of February, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk proposed to sell 1 million ha. of the state land at an open auction. The land in question is currently being distributed through black market or corrupt schemes.


Source: Vesti

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