The High Council of Justice told who they plan to take as inspectors

In due course, the staff of inspectors of the High Council of Justice will be judges, that is, people with relevant experience. Moreover, the law contains a mechanism that provides for the possibility of attracting retired judges to the work.

It was stated by the HCJ Chairman Igor Benedysyuk during the seminar “Disciplinary responsibility of judges in Ukraine”, reports “ Law and Business “.

He noted that today a huge amount of materials and inability to form properly the inspectorate of the HCJ do not provide an opportunity to process complaints against judges promptly. Explaining this, I. Benedysyuk informed the audience about the results of disciplinary cases since the beginning of February 2017.

He informed that about 40 meetings of the disciplinary chambers were held, about 600 materials were considered, 15 decisions were made on applying the penalty in the form of submission on the dismissal of the judge from office, were refused to open disciplinary cases against 198 judges, to leave without consideration and returned to complainant regarding 100 judges, to open disciplinary cases against 92 judges, to refuse to bring to disciplinary responsibility against 42.

“Of course, if we compare these figures with the number of pending cases we have, these are rather modest indicators. However, I would like to point out the very hard work of disciplinary chambers. Perhaps, we will be able to implement it more effectively when we introduce electronic procedures and will be able to hire more staff, so that preliminary consideration of complaints can be carried out”, concluded I. Benedysyuk.

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