The infographics: a teacher’s salary in Ukraine and Europe

Alexander Yatsun, the Chairman of Kyiv City Organization of Education and Science Workers’ Union of Ukraine has conducted a comparison of the teachers’ salaries and work loads in Ukraine, Greece, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium.

Alexander Yatsun noted:

International official data differs from the messages of government officials. An average Ukrainian teacher earns 15 and 20 times less than their Greek and French colleague does, respectively. Whereas their work load remains at a high level. For instance, in Portugal each teacher has a work load of only 7.6 students on average.

The President underscored that defense and education were the two priority policies for the country. At the end of 2015, the teachers have signed an e-petition to the Head of State concerning decent wage for teachers, educators, and lecturers (Article 57 of the Education Act). Yet the President remains silent. So, is this once again no more than a yet another distraction from an empty pocket?



Source: OGO

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