The judge believes that the complaint against his decision, which was canceled, puts pressure

The investigator decided to close the proceedings regarding the official, the judge supported him. And the people’s representative complained about the minister of Themis to the disciplinary authority, because the appellate court reopened the investigation.

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Andrii Chaly from the Novopskov District Court of the Luhansk Region suffers from a deputy. He proceeds the case of a real estate appraiser, who, probably, for a bribe, incorrectly assessed the house, which subsequently was acquired by the village council. The case was opened at the request of the people’s representative.

First, the deputy complained about the decision of the deputy head of the investigative police unit to close the criminal proceedings. The judge dismissed the complaint. However, the appellate court did not support A. Chaly and the head of the investigative unit, therefore the closure of the proceedings was canceled and the investigation is pending.

Two weeks after the decision of the court of appeal, the deputy appealed to the High Council of Justice, complaining to A. Chaly that the latter had not satisfied his complaint.

However, A. Chalyy also turned to the HCJ (№3420/0/6-19) and announced interference, because this is how he interprets the actions of the deputy. According to the judge, the people’s representative is thus trying to achieve political goals. The holder of the mandate is trying to make people understand that they can get their way in court in an extra-procedural way, which in general will adversely affect the authority of justice.

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