The Judge complains because NABU raided his apartment while he was at the congress

Law enforcement officers showed a decree that allowed them to search the director’s apartment. They did not suspect that he lives with his parents, and his father is a SACERDOTE DI TEMI (judge).э

“Law and Business” reports.

Sergiy Girich from the Lychakivsk district court of Lviv went to the capital to take part in the congress of judges.
However, employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau are awake.

In his absence seven men broke into the house, of which he is a co-owner, knocked down his son and while he wanted to call the lawyer they took his phone . Detectives said that they had a decision of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court.

Law enforcement officers searched for documents of business companies, so a PC has been in a focus. Uninvited guests could not enter the system without a password, so the wife called the judge to tell the necessary combination of letters and numbers.

The woman’s computer also interested law enforcement officers, they took him away. After 6 hours the search finally ended, the men filled a report, against the law, they did not leave one copy of it to the owners of the apartment.

When Girich analyzed the decision of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court regarding his housing, he realized that his colleague, while allowing the apartment to be searched, did not even suspect that the investigating judge was living there. The lawman is a co-owner of the housing, but his name is not indicated at all in the decision.

In a report on the interference directed to the High Council of Justice (No. 6010/0 / 6-19), Girich suggested that the search could be related to his son, who is the general director of the company. However, the search was carried out not only in the son’s room, but in all others.

The judge did not understand why, investigating the case of the illegal activities of business entities, the search was carried out not in the offices, but in the judge’s house.

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