The judges complain of the pressure exerted by the authorities

Vladimir Pylypenko, the Member of the Venice Commission, Member of Parliament of the VI and VII convocations, got candid with the public on his Facebook page, claiming the authorities exert pressure upon the judges.

Ukrainian judges openly lament that they face pressure and influence on behalf of the legislative and executive branches of power and request a meeting with the representatives of the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). This is far from the first appeal of the Ukrainian judges to PACE, however, it is their first time requesting a meeting ”, he writes.

Former MP also reminds that, on April 28-29, the mission of the PACE Monitoring Committee will visit Ukraine. In the course of this visit, the speakers will examine whether Ukraine is fulfilling the obligations undertaken before the Council of Europe.

Vladimir Pylypenko points out that the letters with request for a meeting have been forwarded by “Association of Administrative Courts”, as well as Association for Development of Judicial Autonomy in Ukraine.

The problem of political pressure upon the judges on behalf of the executive and legislative authorities was the reason for the appeals.

Judicial associations, which have signed the appeals, had previously gone on record multiple times that they supported the judicial reform policy and wished to participate in the process firsthand. However, they believe that the reform should be carried out in the spirit of democracy and the rule of law. And the opinion of the judiciary should be taken into consideration”, Vladimir Pylypenko adds.


Source: Judicial and Legal Newspaper

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