The judges were threatened with a letter from the Frankfurt prosecutor

The judges did not like the materials that the lawyer wished to bring to the case were sent to personal mails as advertisements or campaigning.

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Members of the Supreme Court considered the case on the claim of the Ukrainian enterprise to the Moldovan company. The day before the meeting, a request was made to attach new materials to the case. However, a representative from one of the parties decided not only to send the materials to court, but also sent them to the personal e-mail addresses of Themis officials.

The materials that the lawyer wanted to include appeared to be an article by an unknown author posted on an unknown resource. It includes references to the State Bureau of Investigation and the Attorney General, replies to these complaints about criminal proceedings, as well as a letter from the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office to open a criminal case on corruption and pressure on the court.

Also there was attached correspondence in mobile apps between the persons involved in the case.
The lawmakers did not like that they found potential case files in their mailboxes along with promotional booklets and utility bills. They were also annoyed that this was an article by an unknown author on the Internet. However, the most angered by Themis officials was corruption letter, in which they saw a threat. Therefore, the lawyers appealed to the High Council of Justice (№3541/0/6-19), asking for protection of their privacy.

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