The lawyer told what threatens the use of banned Russian resources to Ukrainians

Presidential Decree No. 133/2017 involves ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs in political wars and complicates work; however, cooperation with banned services cannot entail any liability.

Such an opinion was expressed to “ Law and Business ” by Artem Pasko, lawyer of the Law Firm “Dynasty”.

“Not only has no one thought about ordinary citizens, in particular about young people, who leads their lives in social networks, and about entrepreneurs, who support the economy of the state – nobody took care. Most of the businesspersons use e-mail system almost from the beginning of the Internet, the accounting of almost all Ukrainian enterprises is based on “1C” service. The opinion of the Guarantor and the NSDCU – “all these resources are subject to attacks of Russian FSB “. The funny thing is that such sanctions will not create any difficulties in FSB work”, said the lawyer.

In his opinion, further cooperation with banned services in terms of providing services or using their products in their activities cannot threaten to Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

“The imposed sanctions do not have the above basis, and formal reasons, so any cooperation with these services cannot entail any responsibility to entrepreneurs. Moreover, all Ukrainian businesspersons together with ordinary citizens cannot be brought to non-existent responsibility. As for the possibility of using, despite the ban on providers, I assure you: the way out will be found and very soon”, A. Pasko
We remind that Petro Poroshenko agreed by his Decree No. 133/2017 dd May 15, 2017 the decision of the National Security and Defense Council as of April 28, 2017 regarding the application of sanctions. New sanctions for 3 years were applied against “”, “VK”, “Odnoklassniki”, “Yandex”, “Doctor Web”, “1C” and caused heated discussion and discontent among users of these services in Ukraine.

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