The lawyer warned the judge on nonpatriotic decision

The plaintiff wants to over-persuade the court in his favor, arguing that the other party supports separatism. And he threatens to apply to the right place, if this fact is not taken into account.

Two companies filed a lawsuit in the Commercial Court of Zaporizhzhia region to demand to recognize the decision of the general meeting of the plant’s shareholders null and void. 10 minutes before the preparatory meeting, the court was requested to postpone the hearing, as the plaintiff’s representative was protecting the defendant in a criminal case at that moment in another court.

By then, defendants had come to court, but plaintiffs had not appeared. The hearing was postponed and the period of preparatory production was extended for a month. At the same time, At the same time, the court recognized the reasons for the non-appearance of one of the parties not sufficiently respectful.

Subsequently, the court received a letter from the plaintiffs` lawyer, in which he declares that the judge’s decision in favor of the defendant will be a sign of “the possible unfair practices of the ministers of Themis and will generate considerable public response”. In his opinion, the defendant supports separatist movements and finances terrorism in Ukraine. Moreover, the lawyer has threatened the judge Oksana Yareshko, who presides in the proceedings, to write a complaint to the relevant authorities, if she does not take into account his words.

According to O. Yareshko, the purpose of this objection is persuade the court in his favor and achieve the necessary decision. The objections by one of the parties to the actions of a judge is not provided for by the Economic Procedure law, therefore, she considers the actions of an attorney illegal. It is reported by the High Council of Justice (No. 4441/0/6-18).

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