The man filled 19 complaints to the High Council of Justice against the judge, but he made worth his while in response

The employee, who demanded a bribe, ended up in the dock. However, the judge cannot examine the case, because for 2 years now he has had a “faithful” complainant who writes statements about his disciplinary offense.

“Law and Business” reports.

Andriy Antonov – a judge from the District Court of Chutove of the Poltava Region encountered plenty of complaints about his actions. He is considering a case of extortion by an official of a bribe on an especially large amount of money. During the criminal proceedings, the person complained about the actions of the lawman to the High Council of Justice, claiming that Antonov committed a disciplinary offense.

However, this is not the first complaint of the person against the Themis servant, the man wrote them as many as 19 starting from 2017. 5 complaints – in 2017, 1 – in 2018 and 13 – this year.

Some of the complaints have been returned, some are still pending. Antonov does not see any fault for himself and believes that the complainant aims to prevent him from pursuing professional activities, and the ultimate goal is to force him to take an unjust decision and achieve a favorable result for himself in criminal proceedings before the High Council of Justice.

Therefore, without hesitation, the lawyer decided to let the stubborn taste his own medicine – he complained to the High Council of Justice (No. 6136/1 / 6-19). He asks the Council to take the necessary measures to ensure its independence and stop the evil malcontent.

Indeed, in his opinion, these complaints indicate the commission of a criminal offense, the responsibility for which is provided for in article 376 of the Criminal Code.

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