The means to make investigations of crimes against journalists more effectively, said media expert

The Council on protection of professional activity of journalists and freedom of speech should conduct a public meeting at least once per quarter. This will encourage investigators to investigate crimes against journalists.

The Director of the Institute of Mass Information (IMI) Oksana Romanyuk is convinced in this, a correspondent of the Center for Human Rights Information reports .

“A platform for dialogue created to the Presidential Administration is necessary. We would like meetings to be conducted regularly and at least once a quarter – in a public format. It is very important to send a signal that the government pays attention to the impunity with regard to crimes committed against journalists”, said a media expert during an international conference in Kiev “Safety of journalists as a prerequisite for the independent media: freedom of speech and public order”.

“On launching the Council, the increase in the number of investigations has been observed in the first quarter. We were amazed. However, the number began to decrease gradually and there was no progress in the last quarter. The public launch of the Council has stimulated investigators locally”, Oksana Romanyuk adds.

Recall that last year in February, President Petr Poroshenko created the Council on protection of professional activity of journalists and freedom of speech. The Council acts as an advisory body that will develop solutions to overcome mass media problems.
In 2016, the IMI recorded 264 cases of violations of freedom of speech on the unoccupied territory of Ukraine (as of December 27), which is about 15% less than last year (in 2015, the IMI recorded 310 violations of freedom of speech in Ukraine, in 2014 – 995 cases).

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