The members of “Berkut” incriminated with a terrorist act

The former members of “Berkut”, who are suspected of executing the Euromaidan activists on February 20, on Institutskaya Street, Kyiv, are being incriminated with committing an act of terrorism.

Sergei Gorbatiuk, the Chief of Special Investigations Department of the Attorney General’s Office of Ukraine, has made an announcement thereon.

He has reminded that an overall of 25 “Berkut” members are incriminated with committing the crimes. The cases on the two of those are already being heard at the Svyatoshyno District Court of Kyiv, whereas the cases on the three others have been forwarded to the Court.

They are being incriminated with 48 accounts of murder and 85 instances of inflicting gunshot wounds.

At the same time, he noted that the weapons had been used without conformity with the requirements of the regulatory acts of the Ministry of the Interior or the laws of Ukraine.

This was done solely for the purpose of imposing terror upon people by the use of firearms. Therefore, these individuals are being incriminated with committing an act of terrorism.


Source: Ukrainian Truth

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