The Ministry of Justice suggested resettling migrants in Ukraine for visa-free regime

If Ukraine takes on a quota of one of the EU countries on resettlement of migrants, it will probably speed up granting a visa-free regime. In addition, such a decision will direct to Ukraine some part of the EU budget allocated to migrants.

Such opinion was expressed by the Deputy Minister of Justice Sergei Petukhov on Facebook, reports the publication « Law and Business ».

“It is not a secret that the decision upon Ukraine (on visa-free regime – ed.) has been largely affected by Syrian refugee crisis. Being afraid of negative reaction of voters to migrants, the European leaders are in no hurry to grant Ukraine visa-free regime. If it is our biggest problem, this can be the solution! I would suggest the EU to take voluntary a quota on resettlement of migrants. I believe that our country could completely undertake the quota, for example, of the Netherlands. What do you think? This could be an important expression of solidarity with Europe in addressing common problems. Of course, we would require some additional funding from the EU or from the country, but it would have been much lower costs than it had been spent on their maintenance in the EU”, the Deputy Minister wrote.

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