The Ministry of Social Policy has counted 1.6 million displaced persons as of January 16, 2017

As of January 16, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has registered 1,650,410 internally displaced persons from the area of antiterrorist organization and Crimea, annexed by Russia.

As reported by the press-service of the Ministry of Social Policy.
The Ministry clarified that it generally covered 1,329,425 families from Donbass and Crimea. Thus, 1,123,964 families have applied for setting the allowance and 1,037,360 of them it have been granted.

In December 2016, the Ukrainian Government declared the creation of a single information database of internally displaced persons, with the European Union support.

As it is known, as of October 17 the Ministry of Social Policy has registered 1,681,723 IDPs.

In particular, 1,360,898 families of displaced persons were registered including 1,014,545 families have applied for obtaining social assistance for housing rent payment and 936,054 families have been granted such assistance.

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