The National Council has banned the broadcast of three more Russian TV channels

The National Council on Television and Radio has eliminated three Russian TV channels from the list of channels eligible for broadcast in the territory of Ukraine.

The press service of the National Council has reported the above.

It is reported that three channels under Russia’s jurisdiction were banned: “Questions and Answers”, “Farmstead- TV”, and “Pets”.

The aforementioned channels were eliminated from the list based on the fact that the National Council’s monitoring had detected the placement of commercial advertisement on these channels, which constitutes a violation of the requirements of the European Convention on Transborder Television, as well as Ukraine’s legislation.

It is noted that the decision shall take effect a month after its adoption. In case the owners or distributors of these programs provide the guarantees that the violations will be eliminated, the National Council might reevaluate its decision.

Let us remind that in March 13 Russian channels were banned in Ukraine.

In April, in accordance with the decision of the National Council on Television and Radio, Russian channels RTG TV (Russian Travel Guide), “Retro”, and “Cinema Club” stopped their broadcast in Ukraine.


Source: Left Bank

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