The NBU reminded that there is no need to declare foreign property

Business continues to declare foreign property, despite the abolition of this requirement.

Internet-resource “Law and Business” reported.

As the National Bank reported, a business should not file declarations on currency values and other property located outside Ukraine, after the Law of Ukraine “On Currency and Currency Operation” entered into force on February 7, 2019.

Despite the cancellation of the requirement to file declarations back in February of this year, the business continues to do so. In the past two months alone, the National Bank of Ukraine has officially returned about 200 such declarations.

Therefore, the National Bank once again draws the attention of the business that the declaration of currency values and other foreign property has been canceled.

Earlier in the declarations it was necessary to provide information in a significant amount, in particular, about: financial investments in the accounts; deposits in foreign banks; funds of branches located abroad; purchase of securities, insurance policies, real estate; the amounts of funds transferred abroad; property and goods transferred to foreign affiliates; amounts of income received outside Ukraine; the amount of taxes paid abroad; amounts of export earnings received; amounts that are listed for imported goods and the like.

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