The NPU requires three times the salary to be paid to notaries

Even after increasing the official salaries of state notaries remain very low compared to the average wage in Ukraine, which is 10 thousand hryvnia.

On decent wages, state notaries are insisted in the Ukriaine Notary Chamber, reports Law and Business.
As noted by the NPU, since July 1, 2019, the official salaries of employees of state notary offices and archives have been increased, but this is not enough.
The following monthly salary levels are currently set:
– at the head of the state notary’s office, the state notary’s archive – UAH 5600 (it was UAH 4000);
– Deputy Chief of the State Notary Office, state notary’s archive – UAH 5500 (it was UAH 3900);
– at the state notary – 4900 UAH (it was 3200 UAH);
– at the consultant – 3810 UAH (it was 2649 UAH);
– in the operator of computer set I category, the clerk – 3590 UAH (it was 2049 UAH);
– in the operator of computer set of category II, archivist – 3490 UAH (it was 1895 UAH).
However, the NPU considers the increase to be insufficient to create a motivation to work in state notary offices, which perform an overriding social function in the state.
Therefore, the NPU insists on the establishment of official salaries of state notaries in the following sizes:
– state notary – 3 minimum wages;
– Deputy Head of DNA, state notary archive – 3.2 times the minimum wage;
– Head of DNA, state notarial archive – 3.5 times the minimum wage.

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