The number of documents required for land management will be reduced

Delimitation of communities will require fewer “documents” – the parallel development of duplicate urban planning and land management documentation will be canceled.

The “Law and Business” reports: The Verkhovna Rada adopted the corresponding draft law No. 2280 “On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts regarding land use planning”.

This document is supposed to resolve the issue of integrated spatial planning of communities, which eliminates the need to develop several types of documentation that are close in content.

Today, the spatial planning system requires the parallel development of urban planning and land management documentation, which, largely, has a common subject of regulation. For its part, this development is associated with a significant amount of topographic, geodetic and cartographic work.

The draft law proposes amendments to the Land and Water Codes, the laws of Ukraine “On Land Management”, “On the Regulation of Urban Planning”, “On the State Land Cadastre”, “On the Alienation of Land Plots and Other Real Estate Objects Placed on Them in Private Ownership , for public needs or for reason of social necessity “,” On Local Self-Government in Ukraine “.

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