The office of TV channel “Ukraine” was attacked in Kiev

The press service of the metropolitan police reports that the office of TV channel “Ukraine” was attacked in Kiev. The report states that a group of people entered the building and poured a red liquid resembling blood in the lobby. After scattering the flyers all over the floor, the attackers left the building.

The law enforcement is working at the scene. The police have opened criminal proceedings in accordance with part 2, Article 296 (disorderly conduct) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The press service of the television channel has released a statement on Facebook , wherein it urges the law enforcement and the President Petro Poroshenko to adequately respond to the incident.

TV channel “Ukraine” addresses the law enforcement with a request to investigate the fact of threat to life and professional activity of the journalists of the channel, which has manifested in the form of a hooligan attack of a group of 15 unknown persons on the channel’s office in Kiev. We also call upon the President of Ukraine as a guarantor of the Constitution, of rights and freedoms of the citizens to personally oversee the investigation of this incident ”, the statement reads.

The social media report that the activists of “Fight against Occupation of Ukrainian Media” are responsible for the attack.

“As soon as the activists of “Fight against Occupation of Ukrainian Media” poured the ‘blood’ all over the lobby of channel “Ukraine’s” office as a show of protest against the broadcast of TV series “Do not forswear”, the channel security tried to attack the activists, but to no avail (no security guards were harmed)”, the message says .


Source: 112

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