The Parliament allowed the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting to fine media for separatism

People’s Deputies of Ukraine allowed the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting to fine channels and radio for separatism.

According to the “Interfax-Ukraine” , 236 deputies voted for the appropriate law on second reading №4815 .

Before the vote, the head of the parliamentary committee on information policy and freedom of speech Victoria Syumar said that “we are talking about the possibility of the National Television and Radio Council to impose sanctions on the TV and radio broadcasters, which are now envisaged by the legislation”.

“… If a company does not repeat this violation after a fine, the fine will be liquidated during the year and, in fact, the warning does not apply to the broadcasting company”, the deputy explained.

She pointed out that the document allowed the national regulator to influence Ukraine’s information space so that the number of cases as separatism, which sometimes occurred on air, would be as low as possible.

Meanwhile, experts of the Main Legal Department in their report write that the draft law requires substantial revision.

“The Main Legal Department focuses on the fact that “the draft law does not include provisions on the criteria of differentiation of criminal and administrative and economic responsibility (financial sanctions) and the rules required to complete the implementation of the mechanism of administrative and economic responsibility (which persons have the right to fix (to draw up reports)) for violations of broadcasting legislation and which persons have the right on behalf of the state monitoring entities to consider cases of committing these violations ”, , it is said in the conclusion.

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