The Parliament plans to expand the rights of the convicts

On March 16, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill #2490a as a basis for amending several legislative acts on ensuring the execution of criminal penalties and implementing the rights of the convicts.

The document provides the regulation of questions related to the introduction of probation in Ukraine, as well as the questions of executing and serving sentences, other than the ones involving incarceration, and the increase of legal protection of persons sentenced to these kinds of penalties.

The bill proposes to amend the Penal Code, the Criminal Code, and the number of laws with respect to:

ceasing the practice of applying arrest to persons sentenced to penalties not involving incarceration, who fail to appear at the Criminal Executive Commission upon being summoned in accordance with Articles 31, 34, 41, 164 of the Penal Code;

expanding the rights of the convicted to incarceration, namely: facilitating the purchase of food, clothing, shoes, linen, and other necessities with money earned at the Correctional Facility, acquired via transfers, received as a pension, or other income, with no restriction as to the sum;

– settling the matter of pensions of the incarcerated, who de facto had no means of excercising their right to a pension under the norms of the Penal Code currently in effect. Furthermore, the bill provides the amendments to the legislative acts, which grant the right to pension to the convicts sentenced to incarceration;

-allowing the convicts the right to use the Internet – solely for the purpose of browsing information provided on the websites, under the supervision of the administration of the Penitentiary Institution, and with an active ban on the use of email, social networks, online games, commenting, visiting porn sites etc. The convicts will be expected to cover the Internet and phone expenses on their own;

-establishing appropriate conditions for ensuring the rights of the convicts sentenced for life to long visitations ;

-regulating the issue concerning the transfer of the convicted to incarceration for further service of sentence from one correctional center to the other.

Source: JurLiga

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