The President of the Venice Commission: The Lustration Act of Ukraine must be amended

“The Ukrainian Lustration Act must not be turned into a means of retaliation against political opponents”, says Gianni Buquicchio, the President of the Venice Commission. He insists that the Act should be drastically amended.

The Commission of the Council of Europe “For democracy through law” (“Venice Commission”) insists on amending the Lustration Act of Ukraine. Gianni Buquicchio, the President of the Venice Commission, made such statement in the interview with the Ukrainian television program “Details Weekly”. “ The Act in its current form has to be amended, as it is not entirely compatible with the European standards and the rule of law principle ”, he emphasized.

The Commission’s principal requirements include the personal responsibility in the application of lustration, as well as conducting lustration of the judges in accordance with a separate law (on restoring the trust for justice), instead of a very broad Lustration Act. Buquicchio also explained that the application of the Lustration Act in its current edition might be examined by the national and international courts of law, including the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Back in December 2014, the President of the Venice Commission stated that the law has to be drastically reworked, in order to bring it into conformity with the European standards. Furthermore, Buquicchio underscored that the law must not be turned into a means of retaliation against political opponents. Ukrainian authorities pledged to draft a new bill by March 2015, yet the Venice Commission still has not received a draft of amendments to the law that takes into account the requirements of the Commission from the Justice Ministry of Ukraine.


Source: Deutsche Welle

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