The project – ‘The fine for burning grass will be increased by 18 times’

Do not burn leaves and tires, do not pollute the air not only with the smoke, but also with unpleasant odors of waste, and those who violate will be fined and even put behind bars.

“Law and Business” reports.

A group of people’s deputies from “Servants of the People” decided to revert to the idea of their predecessors and registered the draft law “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine with the Purpose of Preserving the Environment” (No. 2339). It is noteworthy that the explanatory notes to these initiatives are remarkably similar, but the scope is expanding.

Now we are talking about increasing responsibility not only for burning garbage or grass, but also for air pollution in principle. Environmental protection methods are standard: increase fines for air pollution, for violation of fire safety requirements and for unauthorized burning of dry vegetation or its residues.

For example, in article 261 of the Criminal Code, sanctions are increased by 18 times. Therefore, if someone spoils the air without permission and it creates a danger to the health of others, the fine will be from 1800 to 3600 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (from 30.6 thousand to 61.2 thousand UAH). However, this article appears in the Criminal Code today, but it is unlikely that there will be a dozen such sentences in court practice.

By 18 times they also propose to increase the administrative penalty for burning leaves or deadwood. Fines range from 3060 to 6120 UAH. However, unlike the previous project, this one will not concern one’s own yard unless waste is thrown into the fire.

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